Evidence of damp penetration from within invariably occurs with ageing solid wall construction.

Rainwater ingress is the largest on going problem in the construction industry and entirely responsible for outdoor wall cement and masonry degradation causing a multitude of damp problems.

Frost damage leading to loose and hollow render, crumbling brickwork, sandy mortar bedding, eroding pebbledash and finally damp penetration or wall tie corrosion.

With age both Pebbledash and Tyrolean suffer with water ingress causing a delaminating process from the substrate beneath the surface of the outdoor wall and very often severe damp penetration Painted smooth render becomes powdery and friable with age and quite naturally absorbent to wind driven rain. Expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather conditions during the dry summer months followed by a predominately damp winter can cause hairline cracks to appear. Left unattended they then become full blown fissures giving an ingress of water to the brick or block substrate beneath, the external render is now in danger of delaminating.

Careful examination is likely to reveal loose and sandy mortar joints and spalling brickwork. Pebble Dash becomes hollow and blown from the substrate beneath. Smooth Render becomes powdery and friable and naturally absorbent to wind-driven rain. Hairline cracks expand with age into dangerous fissures.

Tempting as it is to believe that Brickwork requires no maintenance, careful examination of your exterior wall is likely to reveal loose and sandy mortar joints and spalling brickwork attracting damp penetration.

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