Exterior Wall Coatings Kent

Treatex Wall offer building restoration services such as exterior wall coatings in Kent and surrounding areas. Exterior wall coatings provide your building with both economical, environmental and aesthetic benefits. Different coating is required outside vs inside of your building because of the different conditions it has to endure, not maintaining your property can lead to mass amounts of damage, decreasing the potential value of the property.

Rendering in Kent

The rendering offered in Kent and surrounding areas is carried out by experienced professionals to ensure that the finish is exemplary. Render is different to plaster as the work is carried out externally and uses different substances compared to what is used for plastering interior.

Render is often subject to erosion and weathering so maintenance is required to avoid cracking and penetration of damp into your property. If your property is suffering from dampness and mould it is important to know where the problem stems from, Treatex Wall can help you with damp proofing your property.

External Render Kent

When considering your external render expert in Kent it is important to avoid going to any builder, as only educated professionals will know the correct ratio of the solution needed for a lime based mortar/render. A correct mixture consists of one part natural, moderately hydraulic lime and two parts sharp sand. If the correct mixture isn’t produce problems will later occur from the bad render mix resulting in a material without breathing qualities.

Contact Treatex Wall Coatings today for more information regarding damp proofing your home and providing wall coating and rendering services.

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