Glossary of Terms

Algae Biocide Cleansing – A chemical treatment to clean surfaces polluted by algae or moss by causing an acidic reaction.
Blown Render – This is when the layer of render has detached from the wall behind. Tapping the surface will result in a hollow sound. Blown render is a common cause of home damp problems.
Brick Shot Blasting – An exterior wall cleaning treatment whereby dirt and pollutants are removed from the surface by blasting them with a high pressure stream of abrasive material.
Brush Painting – The application of paint to a surface using a brush, rather than a spray solution.
Damp Penetration – A common form or dampness in buildings in the UK, whereby water penetrates the outer envelope of a house due to faults in the roof or brickwork and appears inside.
Friable – This refers to solid materials that can become reduced to smaller pieces with little effort. A friable surface is one which reduces to finer particles under gentle pressure, such as rubbing against its surface.
Frost Damage – This term covers a range of damage such as cracking and spalling, which occurs when water filling cracks or crevices in a substance expands as it freezes, applying pressure on the surrounding material, often leading to mechanical wearing.
Oxidation – Describes a chemical reaction whereby a material that is exposed to Oxygen breaks down as it gives up its Electrons.
Parapet Wall – A low wall surrounding the perimeter of a roof deck.
Pebble-dash – An exterior wall finish whereby the wet mortar has small pebbles thrown and pushed into the surface, creating a distinct look when dry.
Porous – Used to describe materials which have holes or pores, which allow water and air to permeate into a substance.
Rainwater Ingress – Means rainwater entry. As in how rainwater enters into the structure of your home.
Render – Refers to a first layer of plaster that covers a masonry wall.
Re-pointing – The act of replacing the mortar or cement used to fill the joints of exterior brickwork & stonework.
Roughcast – Also known as Spatterdash, this distinct exterior wall finish consists of fine pebbles combined into the mortar mix which is then dashed against the receiving wall.Salt CorrosionA slow form of deterioration where a solid material is eaten away by the chemical reaction to Salt compounds.
Solar Reflective Coating – Describes specialist coatings which contain special compounds to reflect back more of the solar spectrum of sunlight.
Spall – Refers to a chip or splinter of masonry, or the act of a material breaking up into chips or splinters.
Steam Cleaning – A cleaning treatment using heated & pressurised water to direct a jet of steam at the dirty or polluted surface.
Structural Dilapidation – When a building or structure is gradually allowed to fall into a state of disrepair, often through inaction.
Tyrolean Renders – A mixed mortar finish applied to masonry and concrete walls resulting in a thick, beaded appearance.
Wall Tie Corrosion – The process whereby the metal wall tie running through an exterior wall corrodes due to a chemical reaction.

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