Repointing Brickwork


Tempting as it is to believe that Brickwork requires no maintenance, careful examination of your exterior wall is likely to reveal loose and sandy mortar joints and spalling brickwork attracting damp penetration. Treatexwall can eliminate all these problems with a single application. Re-pointing brickwork is advisable in this instance. Followed by the Impregnation, under pressure of Silthane clear protection for feature unpainted brickwork, the invisible guard against staining and frost damage. Coloured film coatings for previously painted outdoor wall areas.


Repointing Brickwork will not change the colour or texture of the surface.

  • Totally eliminates penetrating damp
  • Prevents erosion, especially in coastal or exposed homes
  • Prevents frost attack which can crack render, stone and mortar joints
  • Helps to regulate interior humidity and stops condensation forming
  • Does not alter the appearance of the property
  • Suitable for grade 1 or grade 2 listed building
  • Protect from penetrating damp
  • Breathable waterproofing & weatherproofing
  • Complete protection of exterior walls
  • Guaranteed for 20 years

PRO CLEAR GUARD coat is a heavy-duty exterior clear silicone wall sealer, similar to the silicone. This excellent water repellent also protects against damp, dirt, chemicals, water and extreme weather. Penetrating up to 17mm into the surface. The outstanding effectiveness and durability of PRO CLEAR GUARD coat ensures deep penetration into bricks, concrete, stucco, mortar, stone, sandstone, clay tiles, ceramics and cement blocks for guaranteed waterproofing. PRO CLEAR GUARD coat is made with micro porous structures to enable unrivalled breathability so water vapor’s escape out through walls, while permanently preventing water to enter.


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