Treatexwall coatings undertake all kinds of exterior wall rendering repairs to pebble dash Tyrolean rough cast and flat render systems.

Exterior Wall Rendering

Modem builders and their suppliers have little or no knowledge of lime based mortars or renders. The correct mortar and render mix is one part natural, moderately hydraulic lime two parts sharp sand. The chief benefits are that this natural material has breathing qualities. Used as a mortar any moisture within the walling can express itself through it rather than the bricks or stone. The mortar, therefore and not the walling material becomes sacrificial, preventing spalling of the brick face and loss of adhesion to a rendered surface. Cement mortars and plasters are hard and brittle and cause dampness problems and cracking. With ageing they also suffer from cement degradation caused by continual wetting. Lime is a superior material for most applications and its use should be encouraged.

Exterior wall rendering cracks showing in property in Surrey

Hydraulic lime cement mixes are known for there flexibility breath-ability, and durability in the comparison of normal sand and cement mixes.

The benefits of Natural hydraulic lime mortars:

  • It uses less energy in production and absorbs more Co2 throughout curing than ordinary Portland cement, therefore reducing Co2 admissions
  • It is much more flexible than normal sand and cement mixes and can better accommodate movement within the structure
  • It is not only good for the environment but is also good for your property



Painted smooth render becomes powdery and friable with age and quite naturally absorbent to wind driven rain. Expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather conditions during the dry summer months followed by a predominately damp winter can cause hairline cracks to appear. Left unattended they then become full blown fissures giving an ingress of water to the brick or block substrate beneath, the external render is now in danger of de-laminating. Complete re-rendering is expensive and will turn your home into a building site and ultimately leaving you with a wall painting problem which will do nothing other than provide you with an occupational therapy programme for many years to come.

exterior wall rendering image example 4

Alternatively you could invest in total preservation of your most valuable asset. Treatexwall resin bonded decorative and protective exterior waterproof coatings have been specified for masonry type walling subject to harsh climatic conditions throughout the UK over a period of thirty-five years with guaranteed proof of performance. Available in a range of heritage pastel shades and brilliant white.

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