Exterior wall coatings professionals in Surrey, Kent, Sussex & Essex. Treatexwall have been successfully treating outdoor walls & eliminating home damp problems for the last 20 years. Our Spray applied wall protection is guaranteed to combat the great British climate.

The process we follow.....

Careful examination is likely to reveal loose and sandy mortar joints and spalling brickwork. Pebble Dash becomes hollow and blown from the substrate machinebeneath. Smooth Render becomes powdery and friable and naturally absorbent to wind-driven rain. Hairline cracks expand with age into dangerous fissures.

Treatexwall fills cracks permanently, hides ugly repairs and surface alterations. The finished coating has a beautiful texture and is actually thicker than 20 coats of ordinary brush-applied paint.

Treatexwall is a high build textured coating applied quickly and efficiently by factory-trained technicians using heavy-duty spray equipment. Treatexwall fills cracks permanently, hides ugly repairs and surface alterations giving a beautiful texture that is actually thicker than up to 20 coats of ordinary brush-applied paint.

Having masked all windows and doors, sheeted ground areas and wall-trained foliage Treatexwall is swiftly applied without fuss or mess, Treatexwall provides a tough, flexible, long-lasting surface which is permanently bonded to any exterior building substrate.

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