Wall Coating & Rendering In Sussex

Are unsightly cracks beginning to appear on the exterior of your home? Have you noticed mould growing within the interior of your property? Each of these things signals that you may have a damp problem. Don’t fear! There are many simple solutions available which can prevent more damage from occurring.Here at Treatex Wall, we are able to offer a variety of different wall coating and rendering services across the Sussex region. These not only provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing home exterior, but can also increase your home’s value and offer surprising economical and environmental benefits.

External Rendering In West Sussex

Materials used on the outside of a home are much different to those you would find within the interior and it’s vital not to overlook the benefits of these products. It’s not so simple as to put a lick of paint on your exterior walls; the outside of your property is going to need to withstand a much harsher environment than the inside of your property ever will. From extreme heat and direct sunlight all summer long, to the harsh and bitter winters we often face here in the United Kingdom. Our specialised wall coatings are designed to cope well with each of these environments and are guaranteed to last for many years.

Here at Treatex Wall, our years of experience have found us repairing many a badly done job by a rookie builder. It’s vital that rendering materials are mixed correctly, with the correct ratio of solution to mortar. When materials are incorrectly mixed, you’ll likely face many more issues further down the line when left with materials on your walls which are unable to ‘breathe’. This will prove to be much more costly in the long run and also far more hassle!


External Wall Paint

Ignoring the signs of damp in the home or cracks in your walls could be disastrous. They’re likely to cause far more damage than that which initially meets the eye. Treatex Wall can not only offer solutions to those issues currently facing your home, but also provide preventative methods to ensure they don’t arise again in the future.
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