Wall Coatings Surrey

Here at Treatex Wall, we offer a variety of building restorations services across Surrey.
Not only do our exterior wall coatings provide you with fantastic aesthetic benefits ensuring your home’s much more pleasing to the eye, but also prove themselves to offer both economical and environmental benefits.

The materials used on the outside of a home are much different to those you may use to paint your interiors with, as they must be able to withstand a much harsher environment. It’s vital that you take the time to maintain your property, as once cracks begin to appear than can be incredibly costly and cause much more damage than may initially meet the eye.

Exterior Wall Coatings in Surrey

The rendering services which we offer across Surrey and the surrounding areas are carried out by our experienced professionals, with many years of experience ensuring that you will receive nothing but a high quality finish.

Render is much different to plaster, as the work is carried out externally and uses different substances to those found in plastering for the interior of a property. Our rendering solutions will help to weatherproof your home, designed to withstand the elements for years to come.

If you’re experiencing dampness and mould inside your property, you mustn’t ignore it. The damage caused could be far more than you initially think and finding the root of the cause is vital. Here at Treatex Wall, we can not only help to repair current issues but prevent any from happening in the first place, with our damp proofing external wall coatings.

External Rendering In Surrey

When considering having your home rendered, it’s important to hire only trained professionals to avoid a shoddy job from being completed. Achieving the correct ratio of solution to lime based mortar is vital when it comes to mixing up the rendering materials. If an incorrect mixture is produced, you’ll be left with a material which cannot ‘breathe’ and will later be the cause of many more problems to come.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and providing solutions to all of your home rendering requirements across Surrey. Give us a call today for more information on how we could help you with your wall coating and rendering needs.

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