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Tyrolean is as old as the Romans. During the twenties there were very few skilled brick layers available and plenty of poorly finished new houses in need of a quick and cheap layer of slap to cover up a bold attempt at bricklaying. This trend reached epidemic proportions and somehow seemed sensible and stylish so the rot set in with thirties quickly built homes becoming slathered in that drab coloured sand and cement Tyrolean.


Acting like a sponge to soak up our predominately damp climate Jack Frost appeared on the scene and large lumps would fall and require patching. A light weight colourful solution appeared in the seventies called Canterbury spar known as grit in the trade but cheap, quick and easy to apply over the top of that dull mud coloured finish by semi-skilled operatives with a decidedly poor quality of adhesion this delivered all the right ingredients to provide a damp and very cold exterior wall.


Treatexwall Coatings ltd are market leaders in the field of restoration concerned with the inevitable deterioration of Pebbledash and Tyrolean external wall renders With age both Pebbledash and Tyrolean suffer with water ingress causing a de-laminating process from the substrate beneath the surface of the outdoor wall and very often severe damp penetration. The total removal of pebble dash and Tyrolean can be an expensive and destructive exercise where as hammer testing for loss of key followed by careful restoration of those particular areas with a match to existing profile can provide a suitable substrate for Treatexwall resin bonding to be applied offering total protection And refurbishment of these type of surfaces.

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