What To Do With Cracks In Outside Walls: Rendering Your House!

The exterior walls of a home are meant to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear over time. In fact, they represent the first and most important barrier between our families and changing weather conditions. Unfortunately, cracks in outside walls can and will appear from time to time. These cracks are unsightly and in some cases, they might even cause more damage to occur. What are some of the main causes of such cracks? What can homeowners do to deal with this condition and why are the exterior wall rendering solutions provided by Treatex Wall chosen by a growing number of property owners?

Why Might Exterior Wall Cracks Form?

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There are many reasons why these cracks may appear over time. Older homes will often develop cracks in materials such as masonry as a simple result of wear and tear. There are also times when a structure could settle unevenly; leading to noticeable cracks. Changing temperature conditions will cause different materials to expand and contract at different rates. In fact, cracks that might not be visible to the naked eye could become larger due to the expansionary characteristics of ice (if you happen to live in a colder environment). The good news is that there are effective solutions available which can help to address these issues. What does rendering your house involve and why is this technique extremely effective?

A Quick Look at Exterior Wall Rendering

One of the first issues to point out is that wall rendering has been undertaken since ancient times. It can still be seen on many old buildings; some examples dating as far back as the Roman Empire. The basic principle has likewise remained the same. A render is intended to provide an additional barrier between the wall and environmental issues such as water and temperature variations.

Additional Benefits of Rendering

While rendering is meant to address functional issues such as filling cracks that may have developed, we also need to keep in mind that it is able to provide a decorative appeal. Modern technicians are able to match nearly any existing pattern or texture, so the new render will blend seamlessly with the wall in question. Colours can likewise be added into the mixture before it is applied; providing the homeowner with a wealth of design choices depending upon his or her unique tastes.

Why Use Natural Materials?

Many firms employ modern materials such as Portland cement and plaster to render an exterior wall. Unfortunately, both of these substances are known for their brittle nature. This will cause them to split and crack over time; leading to yet further repairs. These formulations can also cause problems with dampness. This is why Treatex Wall utilises a traditional mixture of lime and sharp sand. What are the associated benefits of this approach?

Cracks in outside walls can be difficult to address with renders that do not display a slightly “flexible” nature. The lime-sand mixture employed by the team at Treatex Wall enables cracks to “breathe”. This allows any accumulated moisture to pass through the render as opposed to being forced through existing portions of the wall. In other words, no additional cracks will form. This also signifies that the render will not become detached from the surface of the wall. Such a method will offer a long-lasting solution that is able to stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions. Perhaps more importantly, it can help prevent additional cracks from forming.

The Environmental Edge

The hydraulic lime mixes utilised by Treatex Wall are also associated with many environmental benefits. Lower amounts of energy are required during its production and it boasts lower carbon dioxide emissions. There are no additional chemicals employed; helping to further protect the natural environment. The same cannot always be said when referring to common cement-sand formulations.

Traditional Skills for Modern Requirements

Even the sturdiest structures may develop cracks over time. As opposed to waiting until such issues become more profound and require in-depth intervention, rendering is an excellent solution that is intended to last. Our technicians are highly skilled and they are more than capable of addressing even the most challenging of tasks. In other words, you can expect nothing less than the best when working with the team at Treatex Wall. Having said this, it is wise to quickly summarise some of the main benefits when rendering your house:

  • Existing cracks can be filled.
  • Additional cracks are inhibited from forming.
  • The mixture will match the existing exterior of your home.
  • It is comprised of all-natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly.

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